4 tips to surprise your wife on your anniversary

Every husband should live by the saying “happy wife, happy life!” Part of making your wife happy is remembering every special occasion, such as her birthday, Valentines Day, and Mothers Day.

However, most husbands commit the sin of forgetting about a very special day that husband and wife share together: their wedding anniversary. This makes the wife moody and angry, and no husband wants that.

To make sure that you never forget your wedding anniversary and that you celebrate it properly with your wife, here are 4 tips that you should always keep in mind:

(1) Save your wedding anniversary date on your phone and make sure to set multiple alarms to remind you.

Use technology to your advantage. If you write things down, you might miss it out, but saving the date on your phone ensures that you will remember at the right time and several days before the event. This is where setting multiple alarms come in.

Set an alarm at least two weeks before your anniversary. This will remind you to make dinner reservations or party arrangements early, and this will also allow you ample time to look for the right gift. When this first alarm goes off, you know what to do: explore dinner possibilities (should you go to your wife’s favorite restaurant or should you try out the new place that she’s been dying to go to), party options (is this anniversary one of the bigger milestones like your 5th, 10th, 15th, 25th? Maybe you should invite family and friends over), and gift options (jewelry? luxury shoes or bag? a new lifestyle class that she would enjoy?). This would also allow you to assess your budget for the occasion.

Set the next alarm a week before and 3 days before the anniversary so that you can follow up your planning progress and you can make the necessary adjustments should you run into some problems.

PRO TIP: Mark your anniversary on your desk calendar (or any calendar that your wife can see) to let her know that you made an effort to remember. Believe me, she will be extra sweet when she notices it.

(2) Plan your wife’s gift depending on your wife’s personality.

Men are accused by women of being so clueless 99% of the time. Your anniversary is the chance to prove to her that you’ve been paying attention all this time (even if you actually don’t). You would need the help of your kids, her sister, or her best friend for this. Find out what her latest interests and passions are. Don’t give her something so generic or so useless. For example, just because she’s a stay-at-home mom and she has been cooking all your meals since you got married, it doesn’t mean that she would automatically want a new frying pan (like, duh!). Don’t immediately assume that she would want something because other women like it. Give her something that she would really enjoy.

(3) Wake her up on your anniversary with a good morning kiss.

Nothing would make your feel your wife more giddy and excited than a sweet good morning kiss. Make an effort to wake up earlier than her on that day. If you can, do some of her chores before she gets out of bed. Brew her a cup of coffee at the very least. Then when she comes out of your room, greet her with a kiss.

PRO TIP: You can give her butt a gentle squeeze or a slight slap as she walks away from you. That would make her feel sexy.

(4) You’ll never go wrong with chocolates and flowers.

Chocolates and flowers will always brighten up any woman’s day. It will always make a woman feel loved and cherished. You can easily order bouquets and chocolate baskets from our site. You may even add a cake or some balloons. The best part is that we deliver. So even if you are out of town and you can’t physically be there with your wife, you can still let her celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Order from Dumaguete Gifts For You

Proper planning is key to make your wedding anniversary celebration with your wife a success. That is why you need to start planning early. But just in case you realized too late that your anniversary is fast approaching, Dumaguete Gifts For You is here to help you. Just send us a private message on our Facebook page.


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