What to give your mom for Mothers Day

Mothers Day is just around the corner. In the Philippines, we celebrate it on the second Sunday of May (this year it falls on May 8, incidentally the day before the 2022 National Elections). On this day, we let our mothers know how much we love them, and Filipinos show gratitude to their mothers in a variety of ways. Some may surprise them by giving them a break from doing the household chores the entire day. Others would give them a treat to the salon or the spa. Some husbands treat their wives to a lovely dinner and special quality time just for the two of them.

Another way to make your mother/grandmother/wife/girlfriend/any mother figure in your life feel special is to give them gifts. Here are some gift ideas for mom on Mothers Day:

(1) Makeup and other beauty products

Women like to look and feel beautiful, and Mothers Day is the perfect time to let them indulge. Buy their favorite shade of lipstick or give them a new makeup palette. They would also greatly appreciate a bottle of their favorite perfume, lotion, or skin care product.

(2) A new purse or pair of shoes

Has she been eyeing a new pair of shoes at the mall? Why don’t you secretly buy it as a Mothers Day surprise gift? Just make sure that you get the size right so that it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for her to use.

(3) A bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers is guaranteed to bring a smile on your mom’s or your wife’s face. Include a short and sweet message to let her know how much you love her.

(4) Something to support her hobby

Does she have a blooming garden at home that she tends to all the time? It would be a good idea to buy her a new pair of garden shears or working gloves or a trowel or a wide-brimmed hat to cover her face while she’s out in the sun. Or you could buy her a plant to add to her collection. Since the pandemic started, online sellers of different varieties of plants have sprouted like wild mushrooms online, so it would be easy to get a hold of any plant that she wishes to have.

Maybe your wife or mom is a crafter. What specific craft does she enjoy? You could buy her new tools or crafting supplies. If you are feeling a little extra, why don’t you buy her that crafting machine she’s been wishing for?

(5) CASH

The truth is giving your wife or your mom some extra cash would totally make her day! Add a little drama and surprise to your cash gift by putting it inside a cake, arranging the cash together with flowers, or placing it inside a balloon. Watch the video of our delivery of a money bouquet ordered by a grand daughter in Manila for her lola here in Dumaguete.

Don’t stress out over Mothers’ Day gifts. We are here to help you. We will take care of everything from preparing the items to delivering them. Check out our gallery of previous Mothers Day offerings for ideas on what surprise gifts you can give this special woman in your life. Our 2022 Mothers Day products will be available on our webstore and on our Facebook page by the end of April.


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